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Monday, September 2, 2019

National Seminar on Social Media and Librarianship: Connecting the Communities

Dear All,

This is to inform you that Department of Library & Information Science, Mizoram University is going to organize a National Seminar on "Social Media and Librarianship: Connecting the Communities" on 26th-28th February, 2020. The details of the seminar has been given below:

National Seminar
Social Media and Librarianship:
Connecting the Communities
(26th – 28th February, 2020)

In the present age of information society, the role of information and communication technology (ICT) is affecting the complete scenario of the society whether public or private sectors and the individuals as well. The ICT has changed the individual’s mind-set and their approach to life. Consequently, the importance of ICT is becoming vital day by day that has compelled the organizations and individuals to change their approach for survival and to justify their existence as well. Social media platforms have emerged as the result of ICT that are being used by the organizations or individuals for various purposes. In fact, social media has given the platform to the organizations to market and promote their product and services in much easier way than traditional mode. Now, organizations prefer or depend upon the social media platforms for marketing purpose to reach out their customers. The business organizations are already making use of social media platforms effectively that has given the boom to their business like anything. Recently, we have witnessed about the use of social media platforms for political purpose also that resulted into the much more popularity of it and recently, NGO’s and other political parties also started making use of it. In this way, LIS profession is also affected and the professionals are putting their best efforts to connect with the user’s requirement by updating themselves and using the ICT to ensure the quality of information services. The use of social media by libraries has already emerged as the majorities of the users are well connected through social media and spend their time over social network on frequent basis. 

Social media are the platforms providing the opportunity to the mass to connect with each other through online mode. In today’s society where ICT has emerged as a significant component, the concept of e-society is dominating whether it is educational, social or personal life of individuals. Today’s generation prefer to connect with others through online mode or in simple way the relationship or we can say friendship in today’s society starts from social networks and then in few cases comes to one to one or most of the times people never meet to each other but remain friends forever through social platforms or networks.

As the number of users, visiting libraries physically is decreasing drastically that has resulted into the under-utilization of the resources available in libraries. In order to overcome this problem the concept of marketing and its application in libraries has already emerged as a vital solution that can be strengthened with the help of social media platforms. So that library can connect with its users’ and make its resources available within reach of its users’.

Seminar Objectives
The prime objectives of the Seminar are to:
1. Discuss emerging tools and developments of Librarianship in 21st century;
2. Get an exposure of different Social media tools available and their applications for Libraries & LIS professionals;
3. Discuss growth and popularity of Social media,  their challenges and opportunities for Library and Information Professionals;
4. Allow the participants to learn how to integrate Social media tools in a library’s marketing plan;
5. Examine the tools available for measuring the Social media outcomes of a library;
6. Provide an opportunity for the participants to learn from Social media best practices in Libraries and Information Centers; and
7. Discuss and find out the scope and opportunities for LIS professionals using Social Media to ensure qualitative services in dynamic information environment.

Prospective Participants
The aforesaid National Seminar is primarily intended the following but not strictly restricted to:
1. Working librarians in academic, special and public libraries; and
2. Teachers, Researchers and Students of Library and Information Science.

Benefits of the Seminar to the Society
1. The Seminar will come out with the solution of various problems like under-utilization of information sources, decreasing number of users; decreasing popularity of libraries among its users; and ensuring the quality services with proper feedback etc. faced by libraries and information professionals;
2. Further, as the main focus of the Seminar is social media, the information professionals will learn make use of it to reach and connect with mass; 
3. The Seminar will make the LIS professionals confident enough to make use of social media and connect with the users in more effective way; and
4. In short, it can be said that the Seminar will provide new opportunities and possibilities to the libraries and information professionals required for the survival in this 21st century.

Call for Papers
The seminar secretariat take this opportunity to extend invitation to all library and information science professionals, academicians and researchers to contribute their original and significant research papers, policy papers, theoretical papers, case studies up to national / international levels related to the title and areas as follows:

Broad Themes and Sub-themes of the Seminar
(i) Social Media and its Applications in Libraries (Academic, Public and Special);
(ii) Social Media and LIS Professionals;
(iii) Users’ Expectations from Libraries using Social Media;
(iv) Social Networking Sites (SNS) for Academic and Research Development;
(v) Social Media in LIS Education & Research;
(vi) Digitization and E-Governance: Application in Libraries; and
(vii) Connecting North-East Libraries with National and International Library Networks and Consortia.

The Seminar will focus of the following Sub-themes:
(i) Social Media in Libraries and Information Centers;
(ii) Marketing of LIS Products and Services through Social Media;
(iii) Social Networking, Social Networking Tools and Librarianship;
(iv) Social Media & Privacy;
(v) Social Media Trends for Libraries;
(vi) LIS Education and Research in Digital Environment;
(vii) E-Learning and Social Media Tools;
(viii) Social Network Analysis;
(ix) Innovative Library Services: Web 2.0 to Web 4.0;
(x) Social Media Ethical Issues in Librarianship; and
(xi) Case Studies of Social Media Applications in LIS.

Submission Guidelines
Submission of full papers (not more than 5 pages) with an abstract in approximately 200 words, keywords and references on A4 size paper with margin 1.5 cm on all sides in MS Word format in 12 points New Times Roman type single line spacing. Length of the paper should not exceed 4000 words. Details such as name of the author, designation, title of the article, abstract, name of the affiliating institution, mailing address, telephone number, and E-mail address are to be included. The Manuscript/ Paper should be plagiarism free. Before publication paper submitted would be checked through Turnitin similarity Check Software. The paper submitted must not have been previously published or presented elsewhere. The Seminar Committee will have the right to edit the papers. Selected papers will be published in the seminar proceeding with ISBN number. Paper may be submitted in co-authorship. However, it is mandatory to register at-least one author of the paper who wishes to present paper. Paper Contributors are requested to follow APA Latest edition for Referencing.

Important Dates
The original manuscript may be submitted to or on or before the last date. The important dates are enlisted as under:

Extended Date for Submission of Paper                  : 30th Nov., 2019
Finalization of review process                                 : 30th Nov., 2019
Notification of acceptance                                     : 05th Dec., 2019
Copyright submission by the authors                       : 15th Dec., 2019

Registration Fee
Working Professionals            : Rs. 1000/-
Students/Research Scholars   : Rs. 500/-
Retired Professionals             : Rs. 500/-

The National Seminar will be held at Department of Library & Information Science, Mizoram University, Aizawl - 796 004.

Note: Boarding/lodging will be provided to out station participants only.

Organizing Committee

Prof. Pravakar Rath

Prof. R. K. Ngurtinkhuma
Seminar Director

Prof. S. N. Singh
Joint Seminar Director & Head, DLIS, MZU

Dr. Amit Kumar
Organising Secretary

Dr. Akhandanand Shukla
Joint Organising Secretary

Dr. Manoj Kumar Verma
Assistant Professor 

Dr. Lalngaizuali
Assistant Professor 


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